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hi I have listened to the youtube episode 32 by Cal. I am shocked at the words spoken by Ron Kangas: His statement that Steve Iset is ‘a man of death’. I’m going to focus on that one statement alone. I agree entirely with Cal’s comment on the matter, and I want to focus on more ramifications of what this guy Ron Kangas is doing.

I have seen evil dressed up as Christianity before in my life, not in the local church, but patterns of evil don’t change, they are always the same. (Satan is not omnipresent or omnipotent as LC teachings suggest but demons do not have individuality like humans). To pronounce a curse like this on another living soul, is very serious. It’s witchcraft, pure and simple. Domination and Control is what witchcraft is all about, so they are well in the territory of witchcraft, in my opinion.

I don’t mean to be alarmist, but we must not be ignorant of satan’s devices. Ron Kangas speaks curses, opposite in spirit to Jesus who said ‘forgive them father, they don’t know what they’re doing’ as he died even for his attackers. But Ron is ok with himself to curse a brother in Christ, to death no less, because he doesn’t agree with him. Horrific.

Their ‘promise’ of misfortune to befall those who leave is a witchcraft threat too. So to stack it up: they speak curses out in the open, they promise curses if you leave them, they operate in the nature if witchcraft. I think it would be naiive to think it stops there. (Evil is predictable). I think it wise to practise contingency in the case that they do actually practice cursing and witchcraft on leavers, especially outspoken ones, and if I am right, they are unleashing powers of darkness over people that they have already damaged. People who are angry and hurting and in a process where they are spiritually vulnerable. ‘A curse without a cause cannot land’ that means where there is no sin in our lives, a curse cannot land on us. For those escaping the LC, it is a process to get to a place of forgiveness, as they may still be discovering how damaged and lied to they have been. It takes time to walk away in freedom, and wholeness. For this reason I encourage every ex LCer, especially those who have revealed their identities, to pray the blood of Jesus over themselves, and pray for the cross of Jesus to be between themselves and anything coming at them from LC persons. do this regularly, even daily. Especially if you feel scared or confused. Pray the spiritual armour on, too. Make these a habit of prayer, as you may have active forces coming against you. The work of getting free has just begun, you will have ‘landing pads’ for a curse to land, expected as your process is still unfolding, I’m not putting any condemnation on, just being realistic. But you can be safe in asking for Jesus’ protection from their witchcraft. it will cover you as you heal. And help you grow to know Jesus as separate from the LC control. Look up Derek Prince’s teachings on blessings and curses, to help you understand that the LC has cursed you. Its certain they’ve done it as shunning, quarantining, warning to stay, or else, etc are all forms of cursing. Whether it affects you directly, is for you to determine. I’m just putting this out to speak to anyone who may need this awareness.

Additionally, I believe the LC headquarters monitor this forum, I have words specifically for you. When you use curses you are using the powers of darkness, not the Holy Spirit of God. (Like ‘the force’ in star wars, that can be used for good or evil, its up to the individual to decide, you are practicing hinduism, not Christianity. You can’t use Gods spirit to curse, do you think you can control God as well as man? ) I have a warning for you too. When you issue a curse, and the target person prays a shield of protection, and the curse can’t land, it can just drop and return to the pit of hell from whence it came. But there is also warning in many places in the bible, that those who lay a snare for innocent blood will fall into their own trap, what they willed for others will become their own fate. I am warning you to turn from your ways before your ways turn on you. They will if you continue to persist though the many cautions you are receiving through the internet. Don’t be like the Israelites of Jeremiah’s generation, full of lies, scorning repentance and eager to kill the messenger (or curse them to die!). Don’t squander your place in eternity because of a stubborn and haughty heart, It’s really not worth it. We don't wish evil on you, please change for your own sake.

The spirit realm is real, about this the LC is correct. we must all be careful how and to whom we are interacting with there.

My blessings to all LC people leaving and who have left and those speaking out. May God’s blessings and protection be over yourselves and everything that matters to you. May you prosper, and grow, and know the freedom and joy that Christ promises. Amen

Thank you for this post. I have long believed that Christians minimize the spiritual world and pay little attention to its effects on our lives and walk with the Lord...this regardless of the verses in the Bible about the “wiles of the Devil”. I would add to your prayer for blessings and protection, the absolute necessity for cleanliness. Spiritual cleanliness. That is, sin in our lives for which we have not repented and still bear the burden for before God.

This is critical because God is Holy. God sent his Son to atone for our sin paying the ultimate price. Sin cannot stand in the presence of God. This is God’s side of the equation. On the side of God’s enemy, Satan, where there is sin, he has the legal right to be. Satan has the legal right to lie, kill, steal and destroy where there is sin among God’s people. Satan is a liar and the father of lies. He has come to sift you like wheat. His days are short and he has vomited out vile and hateful lies on the world to cheat you out of your inheritance in Christ.

Look at the world today. Is Sin ruling and reigning?

Practical suggestion:
* Sit down with the Lord with pen and paper in hand.
* Pray for light on your personal life. “Lord, where have I sinned and am not aware? Show me. I want to be clean.”
* Don’t “go fishing”. Whatever He shines his light on, write it down.
* When finished, pray over the list, item by item. Confess. Repent.

I did this the first time after reading Neil T. Anderson’s The Bondage Breaker. From time to time I go through this process again.

I truly believe that being “clean” before God is the biggest factor in our spiritual lives. How can we fight spiritual warfare when we have sin in our lives? Whenever you have the sense that “something is not right” in your life, ask the Lord for his light. This is always the place to begin whenever you are having conflict of any kind.

Curious is correct, we need protection from unholy speaking...of any kind. That includes prayers prayed “against us”. For example, prayers “for” Jo Casteel by the DCP. A controlling “Christian” environment is a direct opposition to verses like “It is for freedom that Christ has set us free. Be not entangled again with a yoke of bondage.” We need protection from things we have no idea is a “threat” to our spirituality.

I think of this as a kind of spiritual “maintenance”. We take a shower every day because we get dirty. What do you have to lose? If you believe this or not, why not sit with the Lord and deal with him...because you love him.

Thanks again, Curious.


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