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Default Re: Ex Church kid from the 90's east coast here

Originally Posted by MarsVolta View Post

I am going to respond to your response in hoping that you have good intentions and this was a mistake. There are quotes in your post that I did not say or post yet you quote me as posting this. I am a bit confused as how it would say originally posted as MarsVolta as I did not post this:

Originally Posted by MarsVolta
FYI: **I'm no longer a practicing Christian, and I have no interest in returning to Christianity, church, etc.** I'm a happy humanist these days, and I wanted to be upfront and honest about that since it could affect the dynamic of potential connections in a big way!
I caught that too, and was puzzled. I couldn't find it where you stated it.

Glad you didn't just let it go. I'm confused til aron clears it up. And I had a response to the mystery quote.
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