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Default Re: How this 2nd gen came to leave the LC

Originally Posted by aron View Post
What one sees is near-Biblical teaching used as a smokescreen for the most high-demand, sectarian, cult-like of practices, where any who may try to think get called "rebellious" or "independent" or "divisive". To survive, those who do think have to hide it behind a bland know-nothing face -- "I'm just a simple brother (or sister) loving the Lord!!!" Or as a now-Blended said when the Philip Lee affair(s) broke open, "I'm proud to be an ostrich with my head stuck in the sand!"
Years ago I worked with another engineer who was able to leave Russia during the Carter Admin. His official "papers" said he was Jewish, so he took a huge risk applying for asylum. He chose Columbus, Ohio because because he had heard of Christopher Columbus. We often chatted about life in a totalitarian regime. He described the survival technique by what you said about a "bland know-nothing face.

In legalistic, oppressive systems thoughts are dangerous. Thoughts often get teleported to our faces. Faces then can betray a person. The wrong look could be picked up by one of those who are watching. And the watchers were everywhere. Thus this practiced self-defense mechanism must be regularly maintained. Nothing produces a life-long bland know-nothing face like fear.
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