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Default Re: Marriage in the "Lord's Recovery"

Originally Posted by jesusislord View Post
Why there's gender separation in the meeting? Not just the seating separation, but there's separation everywhere, like in kitchen, in cars etc.. I know many sister married with non-believer, do you think this has something to do with the separation?
Part of the difficulty in finding a spouse could also be related to whether or not they have attended the full-time training. While the primary purpose of attending the FTTA is to be 'trained' in the ministry, there's also the more discreet reason of finding a spouse. I suppose those who don't go may have a harder time finding a church spouse than those who don't.

Honestly I've never heard of someone being explicitly told who to marry, moreso like people trying to set people up with others they think would be good for them, which is not so different from other groups.

However I'e noticed it's really weird the way a lot of people get together. I've heard so many stories of people going indirect routes of telling people they are interested. So if Brother A likes Sister B, he'll tell Brother C to talk to her. Not really sure if this is the way it works in other churches/settings but it always has felt kinda childish to me to watch it play out.
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