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Default Re: Marriage in the "Lord's Recovery"

Originally Posted by jesusislord View Post
And if you don't agree they ask you to exercise your spirit more...
The issue of arranged marriages, along with scrupulous avoidance of meaningful interactions with the opposite gender other than in those arranged marriages, is symptomatic of a larger problem alluded to here. The phrase "exercise your spirit more" in the LC means continue the previous pattern of thought-avoidance - keep chanting/shouting/reciting mantras, whether taken from Bible passages or supplied by "words of ministry" from the publisher. This helps avoid facing the situation, whether social, employment, housing, health or financial. In such repetitive activity one's "eating God" and thence "becoming God", so they say. But eventually, if the situation persists, one needs "fellowship" from the "brothers". They'll advise who to marry, where to live, what kind of college/career/job to pursue etc. etc.

And if one doesn't like the fellowship, it's back to Step 1: "exercise your spirit more".

All of which leads to a bunch of frustrated people. But don't say that because speaking up is being "negative" and you don't want to be negative, do you!!?? No brother, no sister, be positive! Keep eating Jesus!! Eat that tree!!

What I see in the LC are paralyzed and frustrated people. Most of them can't articulate it because they're not allowed to think about it. They're sure that somehow they didn't try hard enough. You can see the frustration and ennui. They just don't talk about it in meetings because that's not allowed.

Of course there are happy, satisfied, well-adjusted marriages in the LC. But there are also such marriages in the Baptist church and among the Presbyterians and Congregationalists as well. The problem in the LC is that an issue already fraught with peril - finding Mr or Miss Right - is made doubly or trebly so by the enforced passivity. Don't do anything outside the fellowship! If the brothers haven't gotten around to assigning you a partner too bad -- in the LC, "Get married for Christ and the Church" is code for "wait for your assigned spouse".


are you able to post your testimony? I'd be interested in hearing your experiences and impressions. In the LC, they say, "Don't have an opinion". This is code for, "Only the Maximum Brother can have an opinion"... don't be afraid to share your views. Every sheep is counted - every sheep can hears the Shepherd's voice!
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