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Originally Posted by Ohio View Post
I exhort you to be careful what you read from LSM. Many bad and good things are "blended together" in their books, and it often is very difficult to distinguish the good from the bad.
I am now the proud author of several thousand posts on this forum (and I've posted on a few other forums as well). I think it's safe to say there are both good and bad things blended together in my posts, and it's often difficult to distinguish between the two.

All of us are like this. Nobody is Untouchable. Witness Lee's error was not the error itself, but to err in a system in which he was held as the Untouchable One, and Today's Moses, and Deputy God, and without error, and thus the errors grew and grew.

To my knowledge Breadfish is the first to report from the mainland. I am sure it is not easy to do, for political, technical, and cultural reasons. May we grant him/her much grace!

I only saw one video smuggled out of China in the early '90s, after the opening of China to the West. At that time in Anaheim CA, (USA) Witness Lee was teaching that "Man became God to make Man God" and in a meeting in China they were shouting it over and over again.

"The Father, the Son, and the Spirit are not three separate persons or three Gods; they are one God, one reality, one person." Witness Lee, The Triune God to Be Life to the Tripartite Man (Anaheim, CA: Living Stream Ministry, 1996) under "The Triune God Being Processed to Be the Life-Giving Spirit" in chap. 5. According to the book's preface, the book is composed of messages given in Anaheim, California between February 1990 and June 1991.

Such continual repetitive shouting of what are not biblical texts but questionable (at best) assertions based on one man's "revelation" can lead to the imbalances that follow. The Lord Changhou Shouters, the Eastern Lightning, etc. There was clearly an overemphasis on "The Spirit" and an under-appreciation for the Word. So thoughtless collective excitement was driving the growing process ("building the Body"), and it was manipulated by those who were only partly transformed.
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