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Default Re: Report from Mainland China

Originally Posted by BreadFish View Post
On one side, I appreciate the good, rich and light shining footnotes in the Recovery Bible, which help us to understand God’s words. On the other side, I am uncomfortable for being taught we cannot doubt the footnotes in the Recovery Bible since they are words of God's ministry.

Conclusion: although Brother Lee is a great Bible teacher, his words cannot be described as absolutely correct. Now the believers in LC are taught to say Amen to every word of Brother Lee, this will result in personality cult and cause many problems. In the 1990s, there was one cult “The Shouters” in China called Witness Lee as Lord. The founder of the famous cult Eastern Lightning was also attending LC meetings. Thus in my opinion, there are some dangerous teachings in LCs controlled by Witness Lee. The tone of Witness Lee's book is different from Brother Nee's book. It has some proud taste. I usually read pride and judgement from his book.
Hi Breadfish,

You are right that Witness Lee is a very gifted teacher who collected many rich teachings from those before him, namely W. Nee and the 19th century Plymouth Brethren writers. Like he often said, "I stand on the shoulders of many men of God before me." Oftentimes he did not take time to credit these writers, but rather presented these truths in the Recovery Version footnotes as his own.

Two dangers are apparent here, one you mentioned and one you did not. Firstly, you are right to speak of the "proud taste." W. Lee puffed himself up, and condemned all other ministers. His pride has made the LC's sick. They are so critical, they cannot fellowship with any other Christians or churches. They believe that they have all the riches. They are like Laodicea in Revelation chapter 3.

Secondly, many of Lee's "original" teachings, like "God became man to make man God," are heretical and leavened. As you have seen with the "Shouters" and "Eastern Lightning" in China, these teachings are a "different gospel," and have damaged many children of God in China. Some now exalt Lee above Christ.

I exhort you to be careful what you read from LSM. Many bad and good things are "blended together" in their books, and it often is very difficult to distinguish the good from the bad.
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