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Default Re: Report from Mainland China

On one side, I appreciate the good, rich and light shining footnotes in the Recovery Bible, which help us to understand God’s words. On the other side, I am uncomfortable for being taught we cannot doubt the footnotes in the Recovery Bible since they are words of God's ministry.
Sometimes I found Brother Lee’s explanation of a verse is different from Brother Nee’s explanation. For some footnotes, there are no bible support.

I list some examples:
(1) Romans 7: 2. For the married woman is bound by the law to her husband while he is living; but if the husband dies, she is discharged from the law regarding the husband.

In the footnote, Brother Lee explain the husband here (the first husband) is not the flesh or the law but the old man mentioned in Romans 6:6, who has been crucified with Christ.

However, while I read Brother Nee’s famous book “The normal christian life chapter 9: the meaning and value of romans 7”, I found Brother Nee explain the husband as follows:

The first husband is the Law; the second husband is Christ; and you are the woman.

I have read Romans 7 for many times and I feel Brother Nee’s explanation is obvious reasonable but Brother Lee’s explanation is irrational. When Paul wrote Romans, there is no reason for him to make simple things complicated.

Since they are both claimed to be God’s minister, why they have different explanation to this verse.

(2) Brother Lee emphasizes Barnabas is not in the divine stream after the contention with Paul since Baranabas is not mentioned in the Acts from then on. This explanation is also suspect, could we say Matthew and the other disciples of Lord Jesus are not in the divine stream because they are not mentioned in the Acts.
(3) In John 11:35, Jesus wept.
Brother Lee explains Jesus wept because those who were closest to him failed to recognize that he was and don’t have faith in Him. I am not able to agree with Him.

Conclusion: although Brother Lee is a great Bible teacher, his words cannot be described as absolutely correct. Now the believers in LC are taught to say Amen to every word of Brother Lee, this will result in personality cult and cause many problems. In the 1990s, there was one cult “The Shouters” in China called Witness Lee as Lord. The founder of the famous cult Eastern Lightning was also attending LC meetings. Thus in my opinion, there are some dangerous teachings in LCs controlled by Witness Lee. The tone of Witness Lee's book is different from Brother Nee's book. It has some proud taste. I usually read pride and judgement from his book.

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