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Originally Posted by Trapped View Post

But sometimes people use a word, e.g. "fundamental", to mean something a little different, say, "deep-seated", or "specific" or something close, and I'm just curious to know what clever sister meant.

For my part as I came to grips with the fact that I have problems with the way the LC that I grew up in as a church kid does a lot of things, I would occasionally butt up against the fact that some of the things I had a problem with were actually backed up by the Bible and I had to contend with it (I say "had to"....really I still am). I can't imagine I'm the only one that experienced that so was interested to know what specifically she meant.
When I said "fundamental" I didn't mean anything to do with Christian fundamentalism.

I guess I meant more that I have some underlying doubts about the Bible. What does it mean for the Bible to be the word of the God. How much can we take the words at face value and how much do we need to consider historical and cultural context.
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