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Originally Posted by HERn View Post
WARNING: Brother Evangelical is twisting scripture!

Here's what the God-inspired word says in 1 Cor 6:20 (Amplified Version): You were bought with a price (purchased with a preciousness and paid for, made His own). So then, honor God and bring glory to Him in your body. Although we were purchased and made God's own, we still maintain ownership of our body (soul and spirit) through which we should bring glory to God. Brother E errs in only seeing half of God's revelation here.
Amazing, I was not expecting disagreement on such basic concept - HERn argues with basic scripture and believes that God only owns part of us. Part ownership, part blood-sacrifice, part salvation too ?? Did it take you long to find an (Amplified, lol) bible verse that agrees with your views?

CH Spurgeon ("Bought with a Price"):

I desire upon this theme, which is a very simple and every-day one, but which is nevertheless of the weightiest consideration, to remind you, dearly beloved, who profess to be followers of Christ, that this matter of your being "bought with a price" is an indisputable fact to every Christian. To every person here present it either is a fact or not. I scarcely need to ask whether any of you are prepared to abjure your redemption; and yet, professor of the faith of Christ, I shall put it to you now: Are you willing to have the negative put upon this? will you deny that you were "bought with a price?" Will you now confess that you were not redeemed on Calvary? You dare not, I am sure. You would sooner die than abjure your belief of it. Well, then, as certain as is your redemption, so certain is it that you "are not your own," but belong to God, and should glorify him. It is inevitable that if you be "bought with a price," you have ceased to be your own property, and belong to him who bought you.

Originally Posted by HERn View Post
Here's what the God-inspired word says in Col 3:3-4 (Amplified Version): For (as far as this world is concerned) you have died and your (new, real) life is hidden with God in Christ. When Christ who is our life, appears, then you will also appear with Him in (the splendor of His) glory. Although we have died with Christ, this scripture does not teach that your life and God's life are one. Here Brother E adds to the biblical revelation in this verse. Perhaps there are better verses that clearly teach that your life and God's life are one?

We die , Christ lives. If we have died, how can we say our life and God's life are so separate? Our life, is dead. This should be obvious, and HERn needs to learn the meaning of death and life, baptism, regeneration, and all the basic concepts.

For those who cannot comprehend the concept of death and life, here are some verses showing the unity in a clearer way:

Romans 6:5-7 ..we have become one with Christ in His death.

1 Corinthians 6:17 But whoever is united with the Lord is one with him
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