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Default Re: Just Left the 'Recovery'. What a Relief.

Originally Posted by JJ View Post
Sorry you had such a bad experience in TLR and marriage, Bradley. That is beyond horrible. Thanks for being honest. If you are honest with God. He will give you a solution. Putting you penis ahead of God is a bad idea though.
Bradley, sounds like we are the same age - but have very different experiences. I feel for you, your hurt, and your desires.

Listen man, my wife and I were very intentional about honoring God in our relationship before marriage - and I believe that he has allowed us to be more faithful to him now in our marriage. The reason we obey God's word is not to be a "good Christian boy" - actually quite the opposite. We can freely admit that we are NOT a "good Christian boy" because of our God and the blood of Jesus. But who's "calling" is the best for our lives? I can assure you that it is not ours, but Christ's and shown through the Holy Spirit and His Word.

My testimony shows (time after time) the Lord being faithful to me when I was not faithful to Him. Including openly defying his Word to pursue my own pleasures. He is faithful, even when we are faithless! Looking back at these more "serious" acts of sin or defiance of God - my heart wishes I could take these moments back. I don't feel guilty, but just saddened or disappointed that I wasted time, energy, and efforts on things of THIS world.

You've been hurt by the Local Church, your Ex-wife, and probably more - Unfortunately you can't use any of this as an excuse to act out against God, because He is the answer and all you need. You don't need Lee or the "recovery" we have the Spirit in us and his Word. Run towards God with all your strength and dont look back
Trust in the LORD with all your heart, and do not lean on your own understanding.
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