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A little brother
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You know Fuji when it comes to humility versus pride, one's heart is very much affected whether one is humble or proud. Within the context of the local churches, my thought for quite sometime is the doctrine/teaching of deputy authority/delegated authority results in a prideful heart. Distinctions are created where one as a deputy/delegated authority doesn't have to apologize to anyone for anything. Having had this discussion with a so-called "delegated authority", accountability is only to the Lord and not to one another.

How does one remain humble? Scripture aside, I would suggest never being above repentance nor refusing reconciliation.
Terry, humility and pride are states of mind to me. Even the most humble mind can and will become proud all of a sudden from time to time (probably until the day we finally meet our Lord face to face).

And many teachings in the LC make it easy for pride to creep in - Teachings like "God needs man to complete His economy. If WE do not do it, the Lord CANNOT return." and "there is NO LACK OF truth in the Lord's Recovery, it is just how we put it into practice.". Just to name a few.

Luke 17:10 gives me a very good reminder - "So also you, when you do all the things which are ordered you, say, We are unprofitable slaves; we have done what we ought to have done. "
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