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Great reminder! Pride is probably the single most difficult barrier that every Christian faces. The risk of falling into the trap becomes even higher as one grows spiritually and receives more light from God. I am thankful that God put a perfect (perfectly bad) example in front of me as a warning (what else but the LC). I have to constantly go back to Andrew Murray's prayer of humility (and also keep reminding myself don't be proud of "being" humble).
Brother, Andrew Murray's little book called "Humility" is in fact one of my favourite books. I came across it in a local Salvation Army bookstore after leaving LC and when I read it, I couldn't keep rethinking what I went through in LC (and of course cases outside of LC too). It is pride that keeps us from seeing more of the Lord. Many Christian leaders in the past and today are so not immune to pride but yes, these are great lessons for us to learn from!

You mentioned that you don't know where you'd go next. That was the case for me too. However do walk by faith! I didn't know where I'd go but somehow very quickly the Lord led me to a place where I am now learning so much and at the same time get to serve. Again, it's a place that I really didn't expect myself to get into if you just look at it outwardly, but wow, in this place, the Lord has shown me so much. Anyways, I'm thankful for the Lord's provision. It often surprises us. The Christ in each one is so precious, may the Lord bring you to a place where there is mutual shepherding!

With your message it seems like you are a "responsible brother"? I hope that when you leave you will be have little burden and will still be received in love by them. Because it does seem like it's harder for responsible ones to leave ...but His yoke is easy and His burden is light . Where the spirit of the Lord is there is freedom. May you follow the Spirit's leading and we will pray for you!
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