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Default Re: Hello: finally sharing something.

Originally Posted by Terry View Post
There was no bringing up "God sees no iniquity" when Witness Lee was uttering "poor poor Christianity".
What's the difference between "poor, poor Christianity" and "the glorious church"? They're both composed of redeemed and regenerated believers. The sum difference lies in their relation to the ministries of Nee, Lee, and now the Blendeds.

Likewise, was Luther a champion of the faith or a harbinger of denominationalism? That depends on your story arc - are you in the 'recovery' mode or the 'degradation' part? That's what I meant about subjectivism run amok.

As one FTT worker put it so neatly, "When we do it, it's not hierarchy, but when others do it, then it's hierarchy."
"Freedom is free. It's slavery that's so horribly expensive" - Colonel Templeton, ret., of the 12th Scottish Highlanders, the 'Black Fusiliers'
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