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Originally Posted by Fuji View Post
I have never EVER seen a church like LC that mocks and belittles other non-LC believers and churches so much as LC does. It is sickening. I really honestly don't know how they can NOT get hurt when they do things like this. LC wants to repeat Nee’s saying, to have a “Normal Christian Life”, but man. When you feel normal to talk crap about other Christians not in your group, it is not normal. I think there is something VERY, VERY wrong in them when they say these things without feeling disturbed or hurt. I for one know Jesus Christ is being hurt when His people are being despised by His own people. I constantly have to share this with my close friends today to heal my wounds.
I agree - pointing out others' defects, however true, doesn't "bring life". It's just a kind of back door to pride. And it's constant in the LSM LC church life. Innocuous statements like "not many Christians appreciate this" and "most Christians don't see that". It's in pretty much every message; try to read a life-study message without finding it panning "Christianity" or "most Christians" in some form or another.

Originally Posted by Fuji View Post
Almost every time when I go to their meetings , big or small - when we're supposed to share our salvations testimonies, the testimonies shared by them were always not of how they became saved into Christ, but how they became SAVED INTO THE LC CHURCH LIFE. “Wow my previous church is crap! My previous church spiritual view is just so low!”.
This is the other side of the same coin. When people sing a hymn, one member will stand up after the singing and say, "This hymn is so rich!" Always seem to be puffing up the "rich ministry of our dear brother", or the glorious church life.

God sees no iniquity in the church. . . okay then why do you constantly belittle your fellow members of the faith? I believe another kind of subjectivity run amok, in the 'We're okay but you're not okay' mantra, can be also seen in the LSM versions of church history. Somewhere, according to Nee & Lee, it all went wrong, and God therefore raised up shining lights in every age. But if you look closely, in order for the progression or 'restoration' narrative to continue, the narration has to flip the script. For example, the Great Recovery of justification by faith (the Reformation), actually ushers in the Great Apostasy of denominations. Luther saved the church by recovering truth but his truth brought in "Lutheranism", which is one of the daughters of the harlot. So which is it? Well, that depends. Depends on if you're in the 'recovery' or 'degradation' cycle of your narrative.

Again and again in the LSM narrative you see The World According to Me. At best it's illogical and reflexively self-centered.
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