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Originally Posted by Terry View Post
I do think generally in regard to organized Christian assemblies whether it's a local church, community church, or any denominational church, there's an identity crisis. To come out of respective Christian fellowships and just meet informally as Christians is a test to one's comfort zone.
How very true...This is also my observation over the years (not just on LC) Many do based their identity not in Christ but in the group that they are in.

Brother Terry, I suppose you are not an official "LC"er now? And it's great that you join their meetings with your parents when you visit. May I ask do they welcome you fully or do you feel there is sometimes a gap in between? Some of my LC friends who know I no longer am actively involved in LC seem to respect my choice (some wish they could "walk away" like I do) while I can definitely feel the disappointment of some and it really stresses me out - I often don't know what to do but to avoid the topic....Not that I need to be approved by everyone, but do you have any advice on maintaining a healthy relationship with those brothers and sisters? I never want to forsake any chances of fellowship.

Thank you!
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