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Originally Posted by tentmaker_21 View Post
I would visit them and got to know some of the missionary brothers there. I do not recall hearing any of denomination or any name promoted or exalted, except the name of Jesus..
Welcome aboard the discussion forum. A couple decades ago when I was a rabid LC enthusiast I'd have said, "What a waste; only the name of Jesus." Seriously; to me faith in Jesus was merely the qualifier to the local church life. If someone got "only Jesus" and not the ministry of the age, the up-to-date speaking, the central lane of God's current move, the intensified Spirit in the Vital Groups, yada yada, one was seriously deficient. Like Apollos only hearing of the baptism of repentance in Acts 19.

Well 20 years later I realize that "only Jesus" is beyond my height, depth, breadth. And now the church is a place I go, not to talk about church, but to talk about Jesus.

So I changed, yes. But the Lee Museum didn't change much that I can tell. Having said that, I had a great time, was treated well, missed the worst of the "storms" and "turmoils". The elders in my local church were as undomineering as any Christians could be, as were the rest of them.
But I left because we claimed to represent the church and the Body, but in my group we didn't have anything to do with them! Every week it was the same 25 people, telling ourselves how lucky we were to be there, and everyone else was so deficient. But no connection. No outreach. No sharing. We were just huddled in a corner, like Jack Horner. I got tired of it and went "back to Christianity".

If I'm too vitriolic on this forum, I do apologize. But I object to young naive seekers being taken advantage of and merchandised. I object to the Bible being treated as "natural" or "revelatory of Christ" apparently by the whims of the oracle (so-called). Recently in a training, they said Psalm 45, showing the marriage of the king to the Tyrean princess (Jezebel?!?), was the highest and best psalm. Arrows in the heart of the enemy and all. Elsewhere in psalm similar verbiage was roundly panned as natural, fallen. Why? Because Lee said so.

So that really disgusts me, frankly. Who gives permission to treat the text as one's plaything, to wave it around or toss it away depending on the mood of the day? Where in the NT is the precedent for such kind of schizophrenic interpretation?

See, I'm already boiling over. (I have a small kettle, as you see). Anyway, this post was just to say welcome and thanks for sharing. The forum would be much richer if we all accepted one another's journeys for what they are. Certainly yours has been as precious to you as anyone else's has been to them.

Peace and God bless.
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