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Default Re: The Gospel of my salvation ...

Originally Posted by tentmaker_21 View Post
Up to now I have not joined for two reasons, the main one being I just didnít have the time and the second being the occasional infighting and arguing amongst yourselves (or thatís how I took it) that caused me to back way off. There are times when I said enough is enough and didnít look in here for a period(s) of time. There are many dear ones who post here but a couple of you brothers seem downright determined to blow some away who don't somehow share your viewpoint, particularly the sisters. Or so it seems to me.
Welcome to the forum, tentmaker_21!

Guilty as charged! I grew up in a large family with four brothers and sisters, (four of each) so "occasional infighting and arguing" is absolutely "normal" to me. Sorry it turned you off for so long. I've had to apologize many times in my life, so I prolly should do it again.

I too was a M.E. whose first training was Revelations in the summer of '76. I really was carried away in the Spirit, experiencing a miracle of being delivered from cigarettes, and yet to be honest, many unhealthy things were sown into my heart, which I must correctly identify today as leaven.

West of the Missouri? Never heard that expression before! Anyways, I look forward to hearing what you have to say.
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