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Default Re: The Gospel of my salvation ...

UntoHim ... You're welcome and Thank You. Thank you for all your labors in keeping this board active and monitored. It is appreciated very much.

5) a little more for today ...
* I saw the Max R thing unfold in 1978. It bothered me greatly with all the goofiness going on. That was a strange time and caused us to reconsider. But the leading ones stood up to act appropriately and little damage was done to me. Some, of who I thought were strong brothers left though, never to come back so that I am aware of.

I saw the "new way" develop in the mid 80's and participated to some extent in it. The book "Words of Training For The New Way" came out in 1987. It was based on a series of messages Bro Lee gave in Taiwan. That book really bothered me as there are things written in there that are questionable, yet there was/is no one to question about it, if you know what I mean. You just kept and keep your mouth shut. That was a strange time for me as the so-called fermentation was taking place and there was not a clear sky above anyone, or so it seemed. I was there during the Thanksgiving Conference in 1988 in Pasadena. I do remember Francis Ball closing one meeting stating that "he would rather be an ostrich with his head in the sand". (We had Francis at our home for dinner one night before that meeting but nothing like that was ever discussed). I did not know what he was talking about, having his head in the sand. I was not made aware of the turmoil that was going on then as I was working quite a bit then and was not into the main stream of fellowship so I missed out on a lot of that, and glad I did actually. I just dove into my work. Looks like one could get all the details of that period of time on this website … lol.

Regarding your website here, if I were to speak the things I want to say I'd need at least an hour to just get started. I have a lot to say but will stop here and would consider this a brief introduction ….

Take care and stay in his grace ....

Brother G.L.
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