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4) For me and the LC, we (my wife and I) came in around the time of the Revelation training, in 1976, so I am beginning the 4th decade. Time flies. Back then I/we were seeking Christ and desiring to know him, his word and his purpose with those who were of the same mind. The meetings back in those days were very dynamic (versus being very static to which we were in at the other place at the time). If you got to the meeting hall 15-20 minutes early you sat in the way back of the building. I am sure many of you remember those days. It seems quite opposite today. My wife and I came out of a well known "denomination" and it took us a while to understand and accept this way, the whole LC meeting style. What attracted us was the Word of God and how it was opened up (particularly the book of Genesis), how it was appreciated and discussed amongst all who were there, which was mostly young people, our age or a bit older. The enjoyment of the Lord was real and operating. The attendees generally controlled a good portion of the flow of the meetings and the elders (in the locality we lived in anyways) were true overseers, i.e. not showing how big their muscles and fists were when they were offended by some little thing, but if something was not right they handled it with grace in a spirit of meekness. At least in our place. They seemed real shepherds, not the CEO, CFO, COO, etc. mindset of some of the leaders in some of the localities today.
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