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About myself … I'm a nobody and would prefer to keep it that way. I met the Lord in the 1950's, when I was a young boy, 5 or 6 years old, in a small trailer park village near the Mexican border where my folks lived (in very hard times). There in the village lived there a dear missionary family who served the Lord in Mexico (White American missionaries from Minnesota). The trailer park was their humble U.S. home. They had a son, Timo (Timmy), who was my age and we played together when they were home in the U.S. At those times, in the evenings, they would gather people together, whosoever would come, around a small clothes line area to sing gospel songs and preach the gospel. They loved and served the Lord Jesus Christ no matter where they were at, in the U.S or Mexico. They lived in the sufferings of Christ and in poverty but the Lord Jesus was first place in their lives and he (the Lord) took good care of them. (I have a couple stories I could pass on – incredible things that happened, but on a small scale - (Zech 4:10)). My recollections of them was that they were happy people even living in such sparse conditions. I’m not sure how many serving ones live this way today (by real faith) but that, at a young age, had some effect on me. They brought me to the Lord with a very simple gospel message of Jesus. Call it the “low gospel” if you will, but it was the gospel of my salvation and I am still very appreciative of it. Their living, which seemed to be by the peace which is way beyond my understanding, continued to have some influence on me into my teenage years, which was a big thing for me looking back (in the 60's) and, like I said, do very much appreciate it. Eventually Timo's dad married my wife and I (in the 70's) and he was my best man at our wedding - long time ago now … lol. Although his dear folks have passed, Timo, whom I still speak with, serves the Lord to this day in similar manner as his folks (to the calling to which he was called), but is not and has never been (and probably never will be) associated with WL/LSM.
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