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Default Summing up my experience

My brother forwarded a page from this site to me a few days ago and I've been flitting through the forums ever since. (I think I may have been here before to read Nigel Tomes' articles previously cause several seemed familiar and my name is already in the members list.)
I'm not sure how my Lc experience lines up with others here. So many seem to have been hurt - damaged by their experiences and are here to get out of the LSM/Lc mentality. In contrast, I feel like I never really left, it just fizzled away.
I grew up in the LCs. I was saved at age 5 and reading the Bible in comic book form by 2nd grade. In high school, my family move to a new locality and I transferred to a Catholic school. I was so steeped in doctrines and theology I made myself and everyone around me miserable. Eventually, I learned castigating all the believers around me is not love or life and wouldn't help me, then or the church grow.
During this time I attended a training out in CA. While out there I visited a sister I knew in te FTT. They had a requirement on the undies the sisters could wear! I was very clear that I would not be attending the FTT though it was urged and pushed in the young people's meetings. I didn't even join my friends in te sisters' house. Instead I met and married my husband fairly soon after graduating.
I attended two college trainings. At one dating was discussed, and as I listened to the advice given I realized I never could have married the man I did if I had followed those guides instead of the guiding in my spirit. Also, the lofty speaking on marriage clashed crazily with the actual experience of it and I wondered if over spiritualizing eveything is such a help. So I dropped college meetings/trainings it didn't fit.
When all the lawsuits and storms came up, I was busy with small children and oblivious to most of it. Also very sheltered from it; my father took great pains to shield my husband and I along with the saints with us from the ugliness going on. My young family moved to a new locality literally a day before the LC we met with imploded.
In our new Lc, the LSM and idiocentric language was downplayed. We had so many new believers and young college kids. I enjoyed that time very much.
When my oldest kid was going to high school we moved bc I felt the school too rough. We went out into the country (the wilderness in my concept)

We met with Baptists and Methodists and visited many other places. Two years later we moved to southern Ohio. A Lc an hour to the north has taken great pains to woo us and get us to meet with them and since they seem to care for us we do go up to meet with them on a maybe monthly basis but an hour seems to stretch local. So mostly we enjoy long debates about God, science and the universe with our atheist neighbors, a local community church (with no name) and I pray with a dear crazy liberal lady looking for Christ's life and healing.
I guess this qualifies as "share a lot"
I am here bc I understand the backdrop but I don't know if I can identify with all the struggles to shed LSM and Lc. I hope that we all can grow and walk together.
I'm also interested in the scholarship I see in these pages. I think it is important to wrestle with spiritual truths and with the Lord.
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