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Default Re: Looking for saints I know

Originally Posted by NewManLiving View Post
That's right. We will first be "unblinded and then unblended". After that; "each one" will give an account of the deeds done in "his" body whether "good or bad/evil". Oh Nooo - there is that tree of good and evil again. I guess you just can't "Take Life" at the judgement seat.
"Take Life."

Kind of like a mulligan, except that you don't do anything over you just ignore it and move on as if the shot you wanted actually happened.

Maybe it's more like the false belief in a "get out of judgment free" card. No requirement to give an account because we don't believe in it, or alternately believe that we can avoid it by "taking Life."

At times, I think that LCM beliefs are the ultimate in postmodern expression. If they believe in it, it is true. If they don't then it doesn't exist.
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