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Originally Posted by Freedom View Post
If members want to take WL's words for things, then it might do them well to ask LC leaders why one of the "Seven Feasts" identifies a certain nationality (International Chinese Speaking Conference), and even corresponds to the Chinese new year. All along, Americans were told that their holidays were so terrible and even some of them are 'pagan'. Why did some cultural things get a free pass, but not others?

Why did Lee use the pagan holiday of Chinese New Year to preach the gospel, but the LC's were basically forbidden from applying the same principle to Christmas and Easter, and using those holidays to also preach the gospel.

That's why Lee's teachings are so suspect. Only he gets to apply them when suitable for his plans. That is, by definition, hypocrisy: Do what I say, but not what I do!

I have seen this apply to so many areas of LSM. They frequently violated the principles laid down for others to follow, but it was OK because it was Lee, who alone can "see things we could not."
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