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This point was brought up in other threads. The fact remains that LSM operatives and member peer pressure eventually strip off the ethnic culture of their new converts and replace it with Chinese culture, or some hybrid, this is especially true of their American converts where culture is not so mature and refined. You do not need to be careful. It has been this way from the start and as previously stated could have been any culture. It just so happens that WL is Chinese and many, if not most of their members are Chinese as well. And as far as they are concerned, WL has become something more than a simple servant of Christ - an idol to be more specific.

But the real issue here is LSM's emphasis on their definition of oneness. For all their High Truth and inner-life speaking, in practice they are extremely outward-centric people. Very systematic in their philosophy and adherence to LSM formula. Instead of becoming God in life and nature they become more akin to bobble heads; Absorbing vast amounts of knowledge in the hopes that this will "dispense" God into them. But the result is only exclusiveness and pride. The real fruit of the Holy Spirit is no where to be found - quite the opposite in fact. There is only one way to dispense God into you and that is through the cross. Getting the "ministry" into you is even worse. The results of that are pervasive.

If you cannot deny yourself and take up your cross then there is no dispensing. This does not mean that you blindly follow ministry precepts and deny rational sound thinking. This means that you desire to know Him, the power of His resurrection, the fellowship of His sufferings, being conformed to His death. This was Paul's formula and is still true today. The LSM needs to come back to the pure word. They have processed God right out of their lives.
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