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Default Re: LC Raised Child - Spiritual warfare in household (Help!)

Originally Posted by ByHisGrace View Post
Other problems I encountered were that it seemed the sisters believed everything they were told and did not question because, like what Jane Anderson said, the elders say that the question mark is the shape of a snake and therefore questioning is from Satan. The last time I heard this being taught was, I think, 6 years ago in Anaheim? I didn't interact too much with brothers, given how strict the church is about male and female interaction so I won't comment too much on it. I don't mean to sound so critical, they are good people as a whole, prideful but passionate for the Lord. (Prideful for being passionate for the Lord?)

A lot of the saints that I've met in Asia are truly wonderful and a lot of the younger people here are truly seeking the Lord but I fear that some of them are receiving negligent guidance.. A year before I left the LC, a girl questioned some of the leading brothers during bible study about whether the LC is related to some cult and that her pastor had negative views over Witness Lee. The leading brothers flew into a rage and said " I WAS WITNESS LEE'S PERSONAL STUDENT, I'VE SEEN HIM FACE TO FACE. TELL YOUR PASTOR TO COME SEE ME, I'LL SUE HIM MYSELF". (Words may have been slightly altered but something along those lines). I was deeply shocked at how emotional the leading brothers were over things being said about Witness Lee. The girl wasn't criticizing Christ or the Bible..
On the matter of guidance, or lack of has been noted by more than a few here how much guidance once receives is directly proportionate how "absolute" and "on fire" one is for the ministry. If you're one who's for the locality and has a take it or leave it approach to LSM publications as I was it's very easy to receive less care than one who exhibits more zeal for the ministry.
What was said about the question mark is something I've heard before. Really it exhibits the spiritual stronghold and a display of spiritual abuse that exists. In practice, it reveals a lack of responsibility to brothers and sisters. Brothers who are considered to be responsible brothers it is rather irresponsible not to answer questions.
"Even a neutral has a right to take account of facts, even a neutral cannot be asked to close his mind or close his conscience."- Franklin D. Roosevelt
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