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Default Re: LC Raised Child - Spiritual warfare in household (Help!)

Originally Posted by Ohio View Post
The LC teaches that their church supersedes family, and that one must choose the LC over one's own children.
While I agree somewhat with Ohio's statement, my impression of Asian culture is that family ties in practice can over-ride even church commitment. I have as my example none other than Witness Lee himself, who repeatedly chose his sons over the best interests of the church. At one point when the elders protested that he made his son Philip an executive in the LSM, he replied, "If I want to hire an unbeliever as my personal chef, that is my business." Witness Lee put his family first, and no one could stop him.

So our new friend here has this advantage. As long as you (BHG) are not adversarial toward your parents, they will respect your desire for some spiritual independence. Just tell them that you are considering things. Allow some space to come in.

Your boyfriend was operating from a position of strength in fellowship with you, because he was not under the authority of the LC. You need to do the same. Establish spiritual independence, while maintaining friendly relations with your family. Remember that if your family sees in you a spirit of meekness, per 2 Tim 2:25, they will remain calm and not be threatened by your attempts to seek growth outside LC environs.

Do not become antagonistic! That is my only advice. (this is from one who has failed many times. But I can still repent, and learn!)
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