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Default Re: Doug Krieger testimony

Originally Posted by Dave View Post
I was there at the very beginning in early spring 1969. Karl Hammond was living temporarily in an apartment with his wife and had only been in SC a short time. ..... I have a service group list from Jan 1971 in SC of 15 groups and Krieger is not mentioned. His story is a fabrication.
I would say, not so fast. First, Krieger says he was in the California LCs 1964 to 1968, then went into the Army where he served in Germany and met and worked with John So. If you (Dave) came into the LC in 1969, it's possible that he would have been gone by that time. You simply didn't cross paths.

Originally Posted by Doug Krieger
I was perhaps the first "immigrant" local American young person to come to L.A. where in late 1963 I enrolled at a local junior college and then state university - but attended the beginnings of the L.C. from 1964 through June 1968 when I was drafted into military service during the Viet Nam Era.
I was in the LCs for years and never once heard the word "Daystar", until it was written on these forums. I didn't even know who John Ingalls was! I came in right after the Philip Lee "storm" and Ingalls was gone, erased with no trace except for a few RecVs and hymnals. So not hearing of someone in the LC is not indicative of their non-existence. A LOT of stuff isn't heard in the LCs. A LOT of names are not mentioned.

Second, Krieger in the written testimony says he's 70 years old, and says he left when he was 33. So recollecting experiences 37+ years later will be spotty at best. Yesterday I was telling someone of a skit on television from the 1970s, and looked it up on YouTube to show him. Turns out I half-remembered it. Some of the actors that I thought were in the skit were in another, similar one. My memory had merged two separate but similar events.

So if Krieger gives this Forrest Gumpish tale decades later it doesn't mean that its pure hogwash. Nonetheless, when someone like Dave can't corroborate any of it, we should also take that into consideration.

But I wouldn't dismiss it out of hand as pure fabrication, either.
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