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Originally Posted by Only by Grace View Post
I cried when I heard that God had given his Son to die on the cross to take MY sins upon Himself! How could I resist such a love? I committed my life to the Lord Jesus Christ and have never looked back. And, frankly, if Heaven and eternal life weren't "part of the deal," knowing the Lord in THIS life would be enough for me, truly.
Excellent testimony; welcome Only By Grace . I have always hoped that our forum discussions would not be restricted to ex-members hashing over our past, and the current state of affairs related to the LC, but would be relevant to the larger christian community as well. What we experience as 'local' problems (pun intended) are often aspects of larger themes which touch ALL the believers. In fact, we often can't really deal very well with the here and now unless we touch the larger themes which affect all: forgiveness, redemption, being merciful to one another, receiving one another just as God has received us in Christ Jesus, exhorting one another to go on in the faith, etc etc.

It has been my contention for a long time that either you are a believer or you are not. Either you have seen the glory in Jesus or you have not. Either you have heard the heavenly call in His voice or you have not. Other distinctions are minor: "ex-LC'er" only means that the believer was in the LC fellowship for a while and found it uncomfortable for some reason and got out. Our story is Christ, it is not the local churches.

That you have found our conversation worth joining is very encouraging to me as a christian. Thanks for sharing your portion. I think I can speak for others when I say we look forward to hearing more from you. Peace and grace to you. aron
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