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Thanks for your reply OHIO! As you are well aware, I'm no TSW(tech savvy whippersnapper). I had composed my last post to that point and then I must have punched the wrong button and it posted not in its entirety,so now where was I? Oh yeah, the Lord was beginning to show me what the LR/LSM/LC/DCP really is. I believe it was sovereign that of all the writings available on the Internet concerning the"LR",that was the one meant for me to read to shatter my concepts I held.Truly written in the spirit of the truth and love. I found other sites and writings.John Myers,Don Rutledge,Nigel Tomes,and John and Jane Anderson. Eventually,this forum. As I read the testimony threads here and there I could relate to the stories in my own experiences of what I've seen and heard.I'll end with this thought.OHIO,you once wrote,"I bought",and yes, I bought it too. I think this is a big part of the conflict in my being right now,and that is,I can't believe I bought it!! Peace to all.
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