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Originally Posted by zeek View Post
Sure, just click on the person's name that you wish to contact. Then click on"private message". Let me know if you have a problem. Look forward to hearing from you.
Unfortunately the Vbulletin software is setup so that one must register to be able to send a Private Message to another member. Sorry, wasn’t my idea.
Originally Posted by Ohio View Post
You think you are having difficulty, imagine how the rest of us feel not being able to distinguish "Unregistered" from "Unregistered."
Perhaps better monikers like "UnregisteredAlpha" and "UnregisteredBeta" would help.
Would you feel better if it said “guest”? (I think I can arrange that)

Actually the box that says “unregistered” can be filled in with any name that the unregistered poster wants, but not everybody is a tech savvy whippersnapper like Ohio, so most people are missing out on the opportunity.

I think it is a very, very good thing that the Vbulletin software allows for unregistered people to post. Some people are shy, or maybe they just want to post one thing….or maybe they are a current Local Church member who wants to be as anonymous as possible. Probably about 99% of the postings by unregistereds are spam and pornography, but I’m the lucky fella who gets to delete all that smut before it gets on the forum.
Unto Him be glory in the church by Christ Jesus throughout all ages, world without end. Amen. (Ephesians 3:21)
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