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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
Greetings to all my brothers and sisters in Christ! I have been meeting with "the local church" for sometime now and still do.Hence,I am hesitant to say too much about myself other than I am a brother and I am sorting out a great many things before the Lord,our Great Shepard.I ultimately seek His leading at this time of uncertainty and have faith that He will. I believe that the Lord has led me to websites,forums to show me what the LRC is not.This has only happened recently and I am still reeling.After considering these things,I feel led to as the title says,to reach out.I have a question.Is it possible to be able to contact any brothers from this forum apart from the forum? I am new to all this. A brother in Christ
You think you are having difficulty, imagine how the rest of us feel not being able to distinguish "Unregistered" from "Unregistered."

Perhaps better monikers like "UnregisteredAlpha" and "UnregisteredBeta" would help.
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