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I can't believe I found this forum.. I have longed for fellowship with those who had the Local Church experience for so long.. I am a 10 Year vet.. lol.. started in Eldon Hall, Indianapolis, Chicago, Anaheim. LaCrescenta, Van Nuys.. it took me a long time to get back to the Lord.. but Praise Him He is Faithful !!

I was actually searching to see if I could find Max Rappaport and then the link to this site was there !! Max was the main preacherman of Teen Challenge in San Clemente.. and that is how I got 'born again'..

I recognize some of the names on here ... is Nigel the Nigel from the church in Chicago ?? There are so many I want to ask about .. but I don't know what the appropriate way to go about that is.. The main thing is now we are free to truly have fellowship in the Lord and truly enjoy our Lord and King.. Glory and Praise to our God and Father ..

God's Blessings
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