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Default Re: Open Letter - Dear Saints in the Lord's Recovery

Originally Posted by awareness View Post
So properly, it's a Witness Lees' Recovery.
If so then it's not Recovery but Continuation and Extension of Degradation. Kind of like FTTXB - it's rather FTTXD.

Speaking of the word "properly", Witness Lee used it a lot. What was "proper" and "genuine" and what was not. But what was the basis of such assessments? Personal preference, bias and self-interest.

There were two related mistakes at work here, both derived from missing the thrust of Jesus' teachings.

1. Thinking that the "beam" was in the other person's eye while yours only had a "splinter". This is backwards. It is your eye that has the worst impediment. This resulted in a teaching where "they" were deformed religion, the Mystery Harlot Babylon, while "we" were Isarael, in whom God sees no iniquity. What was the basis?

2. Jesus taught that when you are invited to a feast, take the least place. WN and WL tried to claim first place for themselves and their assemblies. Any problems or lacks were always with "Christianity" or those not under WN and WL, while their flocks were "real" and "legitimate".

On what basis was this said? Merely the wish that it were so. Better for book sales. So problems were unaddressed, growing. Look at what was posted yesterday on the Casteel FB page. Reports of things that are finally coming to light. The WL encomiums speak of messages given, books sold, churches established. They don't speak of lives damaged. But now people are talking about it.

May the Lord heal, restore, comfort, encourage, and yes recover. "Until we all arrive..."
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