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Yes and the brothers who were following Christ before Paul was, encouraged him to remember the poor, which thing he said he was eager to do. But that was Paul's particular focus (Gal 2:10)? Imitate me as I imitate Christ, said Paul (or not, if you have a "different burden")?

Christ did it and preached it, the brothers encouraged it, Paul was eager to take hold, but we may have our own (subjective/selfish) leading? Your Christ is different, right? This is the modern age. Religion is different now. Christ has a cell phone and Google account.

(But women still can't teach because that's the way the Bible says. Society changes but we don't. Always and forever.)

He's not disobedient to the word of God, just focused on a particular aspect. Jesus was focused on one aspect, and Lee was focused on another. So if we, like Lee, don't want to focus on "give to those who cannot repay you in this age" that's fine. It's a pick and choose religion, like Wendy's. "Have it your way".

Or was that Burger King?
I don’t know- I feel like actively “checking out” of one duty Jesus calls us to do doesn’t make sense. I’m not saying to do it in a legalistic way- but if you have the means to help, we should “check in” often with the Lord if you’re able to bless that way. Clearly we can’t even get food to some countries, but even in first world countries- having a cell phone doesn’t mean you’re “good.” Still a lot of people going hungry. Just feel it’s callous to be so unaware. I haven’t done much but have worked at a Christian food pantry several times- eye opening experience. Also, to just dismiss the need as something others can do and spend time and effort investing in those who can further promote your agenda- is wrong- regardless of what group is doing it.
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