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Default Re: Deceptions on Campus

Originally Posted by kumbaya View Post
Ok, that's fine that you question their legitimacy to do work on campus without being overseen or run by the local church. I didn't have a problem with that.

My issue is with them using two different names and excluding CoC's affiliation with the local church that runs it, while recruiting and during the initial stages of their interactions with college kids.

You're trying to prove a point on an argument that no one is having. No one has said that it's wrong to have local church employees run a campus ministry, right? I'll have to scroll down but I'm pretty sure that again- you're twisting this argument.

In an effort to clarify why a group shouldn't use a different name (or totally exclude their name) than the one they're employed by or a member of, I went on to point out that CoC was ONLY run by local church employees and student members.

You seem to be taking my clarification of who the group is run by in an effort to show why they shouldn't have a different name, and twist it to say that I have an issue with the fact that LC members are running a campus ministry in the first place.

That isn't my issue so again, your opinions on who should or shouldn't be involved with a campus ministry are completely off point and insinuating that I've made an argument which I've never made.

OK, getting back on primary topic, let's consider alternatives to the deception argument, one being:

"the requirements of the campus to allow "Christians on Campus" to be present." (as the OP stated)
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