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Default Re: Deceptions on Campus

Originally Posted by aron View Post
Thank you JJ for sharing your experiences and observations. They seem to be in one accord with many of us here.

The most telling word, here, for me, was "pressure". Students are pressured to go to meetings, at meetings they're pressured to go to conferences, at conferences they're pressured toward the FTT, at the FTT they're pressured to "serve the ministry" and "go full time" as campus recruiters, so that they can apply pressure on others. Is that the gospel.
During my time in college, I quickly became aware that CoC existed solely as a stepping stone to bring people into the LC, with the intention to eventually get them into the FTT.

I ignored my concerns about it until I had to lie to people aboit what we were doing. It was them I realized that I could no longer participate in CoC.
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