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Default Re: Testimony of Terry

Today I was listening more than watching Ron Kangas' speaking following a message Witness Lee gave in 1996.

"That the brethren really were Philadelphia for maybe two or three decades. Then they became intensely focused on teachings and comparing themselves with the denominations. They became quite proud with what they had. Eventually the brethren became Laodecia. With so many teachings, but no reality. I donít want to go beyond my measure in this fellowship, but I think I can say and you would feel comfortable with my saying that we know what the taste of Laodecia is like. The lukewarmness. We canít pride ourselves that weíre still here and we see so much and Christianity doesnít see anything. The Lord is looking for a reality in the church. Just today and this is related to the point on Laodecia. I was intensely working on an article for Affirmation and Critique, on the subjective God. On the triune God wrought into our being. I was reminded of something brother Lee said in 1984, that the governing principle of the whole Bible is the triune God working Himself into the tripartite man. The reason I mention this is when the Lord is rebuking, but also cherishing Laodecia. He counsels them in three ways;
He said buy of me gold. Refined by the fire. This is the nature of God obtained as a reality. Then He said, buy of Me white garments. That you mat be clothed and not be naked. This is Christ livingly and vitally lived out in the church. And He said buy of Me eye salve and anoint your eyes with eye salve that you may see. This is the Spirit as the anointing. To heal our blindness. The Lord is ministering Himself as a subjective reality to a church thatís addicted with teachings. And I again I say I donít want to go beyond my measure, but a cry in my being for many years and my personal pursuing of the Lord has been for reality. For the inward subjective organic reality of the triune God. And according to the Lordís word in Laodecia this does not come without a price. What the price is, only the Lord can tell us. I agree with Howard. I feel like tonight I came down from the high peak to sea level with a thud. But I believe we can breakthrough. And we will breakthrough. But thereís a price involved. I feel we need to go to the Lord and repent. And open to the Lord, and ask the Lord to whatever He needs to do in our being subjectively to bring us into the reality of His present ministry."

Ron's speaking reminded me of my repentance during this same time period (95-96). Repenting for my attitude towards friends in Christianity. Thinking I was "plugged in" and they were not. I repented for being prideful, assuming I had access to the riches and they did not. Really as Ron described, I had the pride of a laodicean for which I had long since repented of.

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