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I understand more where you guys are coming from now. I lean towards Lee living in self-deception after reading Jane's book and other accounts. It seems like he believed in deputy-authority with all his heart so he lived as he was accountable to no one, except God as he mentioned in his phone conversation with Sal.
With regard to Witness Lee, I feel he surrounded himself with enablers (aka Yes men) whereas brothers who could have served as a check and balance became personna non grata (John Ingalls, John So, Bill Mallon, etc). Why Witness Lee could not work with Stephen Kaung is a mystery.

Talking about deputy authority and perceived accountability, same applies to the Blended brothers. Perception they are only accountable to God. Perception (or deception) they are God's deputy authority on earth.
Which is why brother Ron in South America could defame Steve Isitt specifically, allude to Bill Mallon by questioning his spiritual condition and none of his peers says a rebuking word.
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