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Originally Posted by bearbear View Post
Lee's error was that he was abiding in doctrines like Deputy Authority and not the plain word of God. If he really was remaining in Christ and his words like Jesus told us to in John 15, he would have realized his self deception, but when we start straying from the truth of God's word and into man made doctrines and traditions, we allow Satan to wreak havoc over our lives all while thinking we are doing good.
One thing that led to this was going way overboard with "types and shadows" in the Old Testament. Lee became very subjective with his reading of just about everything in the OT, to the point that the "hidden" message became more important than the plain message.

Gazing at clouds you can see just about anything your mind wants to imagine. Likewise with "types." There is a place for types. But when, for example, you start authorizing shutting down churches based on OT accounts of razing leprous houses, you've gone around the bend and off the reservation.
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