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Default Re: My Views and Stance on The Recovery

Originally Posted by OBW View Post
Of course they would say that you just need Christ. That is true. But Christ has real, live arms and legs in the form of other Christians.
When you begin to see this, the scriptures just open up right in front of you. And you begin to look at the person next to you, i.e. your "neighbor" differently.

What happened was I began to no longer look past the person next to me, but I began to look at them. Instead of trying to give them speeches, I began to listen to them. Instead of trying to bring them to a meeting, I began to meet with them, right where they were. Instead of putting expectations on them, of who I thought they should be, I began to accept them for what they were, as God had made them. Instead of judging them for their shortcomings, I saw these as opportunities to be merciful, just as I knew that my shortcomings before God had been forgiven in Christ Jesus.

And so forth. OBW put the idea so well, I just wanted to "amen" his point.
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