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Default Re: Testimony from Europe

Dear GraceofChrist,

Thank you so much for your heartfelt story. As I read it, I marveled at the balance of your perspective, your willingness not to judge, and your resolve to put God first and trust him. These have served you well and will continue to do so.

I also thought of how your story must be the story of so many--lovers of Jesus who long for a pure community of Christians with which to serve the Lord, who initially see promise in the LC, who then see the problems, and who end up conflicted and not just a little confused.

Simply realize this. No community of Christians, no matter how seemingly good, has a monopoly on God. Jesus said that God was able to raise up worshipers from rocks on the ground (Matt 3:9). So surely he can raise up communities of Christians as he pleases. He may even use you to do so! Do not think it's the LC or nothing. Some there actually believe that. This is the root of practically all their problems.

Keep climbing in faith.

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