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Default Re: Soul-Life, Kundalini, and Watchman Nee

Originally Posted by Igzy View Post
I get your point. But to me being spiritual just means being a person who lives in the Spirit. As Romans 14:17 says, "The kingdom of God is... righteous, joy and peace in the Holy Spirit." All good things are found in Christ Jesus, but Christ Jesus is found in the Holy Spirit. The Spirit is our connection to Jesus.
"Being spiritual" implies that you have to do something to be "in the spirit". It turns into a practice rather than renewal and transformation by faith and God's grace. The thought that a Christian needs to do anything to be "spiritual" is where you get teachings such as "get out of your mind and into the spirit" or "leave your soul-life ". Constantly teaching that you have to put something aside in order to exercise another is why people are so inwardly conflicted.

It's also no wonder the LC's are divided even against themselves. Division is what's embedded in many aspects of their doctrine whether they're aware of it or not. Satan knows if division starts at the level of the individual it's easier to seperate you from the truth altogether and lure you into a lie. All you have to do is spiritualize the lies and sell them to individuals that desire spirituality above truth.

A son or daughter of God that has received the baptism of the Holy Spirit now has God's spirit in them. There's no need to "be spiritual" or "get in the spirit". You're already in a relationship with God through this indwelling. Scripture teaches a relationship by being in agreement with and walking by the Spirit of God, not having to sidestep in order to get in the spirit.

Jesus proceeded from God the Father, The Holy Spirit proceeds from Jesus. God > Christ > Spirit.

If you're taking a bottom up approach by desiring spirit rather than the things of God thru the Son, then you may get into some other spirit altogether. It the slightest change of perspective but makes the biggest difference. It's why I caution against desiring to be spiritual. This way reliance is on faith in Christ's person and his qualities rather than being led by desires of spiritual greatness or from personal insecurities of not being spiritual enough.

To those that feel pressures of not being "spiritual" enough. You'd be respecting yourself by keeping distance from environments like that lest you too give into temptation and fall into false spirituality. God will never make you feel like you're not good enough but congregations that make an idol out of spirituality will.

Again, you don't have to be Christian to be spiritual. Anyone can be spiritual in the sense that there are two spirits, as others have said here, the Holy Spirit and the spirit of the world. Even the spirit of the world can mimick the things of God such as great wisdom, spiritual knowlege, and even miracles so those that still are in the spirit of the world and desire to be greater will only get the greater things that the spirit of the world can offer.
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