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Default Re: Soul-Life, Kundalini, and Watchman Nee

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Behind every bad idea is a bad spirit. I remember when Witness Lee passed and we were told from the dias, "The age of spiritual giants is over". No scripture was given. So this idea of "one revelation per age" ended with the passing of its progenitor. Now there are no more "seers of the divine revelation", as Lee's biography called Watchman Nee.

But the "new light from the word" ended on what basis? No basis was given. And yet no one has the ability to question such a pronouncement? What spirit is behind this?

As I wrote elsewhere, perhaps "God's economy which is in faith" is related to the daily dispensing in Acts 6:1, and the dispensing (RecV) of Paul and Barnabas in Acts 12:25 and the "remember the poor" of Galatians 2:10 and Paul hurrying to Jerusalem by Pentecost with gentile-sourced alms (Romans 15:25-27; Acts 20:16; 24:17)... perhaps it isn't... but why can't we think about such things anymore? Why does LSM say that "the age of unfolding revelation is over"? What spirit is at work behind that kind of thought (or non-thought)? Anyone who thinks, or questions the status quo, is in danger of being labeled "divisive" and "factious" and "ambitious"?

What spirit is at work, here?
It was "Brother We" carrying on Br Lee's ministry. They said they felt that they hadn't really gotten into a lot of his ministry. There is fresh light when different portions if it are combined, RK said. Hence, publishing the collected works of Lee. It seems they may think that any walking with, experiencing the Lord, etc is based on his ministry. There are other groups, such as the Armstrong Church of God, that follow the ministries of deceased founders.

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