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Default Re: Soul-Life, Kundalini, and Watchman Nee

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From the website:

“No single person is more responsible for the development of Nee’s theology than Miss Barber.” Pg. 15, Secrets of Watchman Nee, Roberts.

“[T]he main influences upon [Nee were] so often . . . women—Dora Yu, his mother, Margaret Barber, Ruth Lee, [and] Elizabeth Fischbacher[.]” Pg. 156, Against the Tide, Kinnear.

"Whenever [Nee] had a problem or needed spiritual instruction or strengthening, he would go to . . . Margaret E. Barber . . . an Anglican missionary[.] . . . [He testified that] [e]very Saturday [he] went to Ma-Kiang, Fukien, to listen to Miss Margaret Barber’s preaching. . . . [H]e said that he scarcely found one person in the Western world who could compare with Margaret Barber. It was through this sister that he obtained the foundation of the spiritual life. He frequently told others that it was through a sister [Dora Yu] that he was saved and that it was also through a sister [Margaret Barber] that he was edified. . . . Through Margaret Barber he became familiar with the books of [writers such as] Jessie Penn-Lewis . . . [who taught him about] the subjective aspect of Christ’s death[,] . . . spiritual warfare[,] . . . [and] the three parts of man. . . . Watchman Nee received a clear vision of what it means to be an overcomer by . . . reading the writings of Jessie Penn-Lewis. . . . Madame Guyon’s biography . . . and the writings of other mystics helped him in the matter of life. . . . Mary McDonough’s book . . . was a great help . . . [c]oncerning God’s plan of redemption. Pgs. 11-18, 25-26, 70, 81, Watchman Nee: A Seer of the Divine Revelation, Lee.

Now, this web page is biased on a number of levels. The author clearly disapproves of women having any meaningful role in the church, which many of us don't agree with. But I cite it because the LSM, publishers of Nee and Lee, also don't let women function meaningfully. In the LC, women can bake the Lord's table crackers, set up coffee for after the meeting, and watch the children during the conferences.

But Paul said, "Women must be silent" so that's that... except Nee clearly didn't follow that in his development and they all know it! LSM even touts it in the Nee biography. All those "uppity women" trying to be "spiritual"... today they'd be run out of the LC so fast their heads would spin. But they were the edifice upon which the whole structure was built. Go figure. Talk about 'cut-and-paste' theology!
I guess that could happen if/when you shut the mouth of the one sent to help you.

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