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Default Re: Soul-Life, Kundalini, and Watchman Nee

Originally Posted by Ohio View Post
At the risk of appearing to be "hovering" over this thread, I question this opening premise. Nee was hardly the first to use this English phrase. I would suggest some good Word Studies and commentaries for clarification.

Secondly, the use of this phrase "soul-life" has nothing to do with Nee's wild speculations about "latent powers of the soul" ascribed to Adam at creation.

Nee's source here was Penn-Lewis, who had a checkered influence over the Evangelist Evan Roberts and the revival in Wales. She brought much paranoia into that gospel work which sadly brought it to an abrupt end.

Do you think the body of JPL's writing should be defined and dismissed, in its entirety, because of whatever "checkered influence" she may have had over Evan Roberts and the Welsh Revival? What did she do? Where can I read about it?

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