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Default Re: LordsRecovery.Org Exposing the Christian Cult of Witness Lee's Local Ch

Originally Posted by Ohio View Post
As with former President Nixon, it's all about the coverup. Eh?

Everybody is entitled to a bad kid or two, but you don't put him in charge of your ministry. And when he screws your volunteers, you don't go kill the reporters.

Was this really too difficult for the consummate MOTA to understand? I seem to remember that he taught us not to do all the things that he did, because only Christianity behaves like that.

Like Nixon, obsessed with recording everything, he should have turned off the tape recorders.
I think Lee was under some kind of pressure to act like an overcomer, since that was a big part of his ministry, and overcomers supposedly don't exhibit those faults. So pride is suspect here . . .
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