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Default Re: Excommunication

Originally Posted by ZNPaaneah View Post
Once again I think we need to learn from the church in Ephesus. I feel like I am leaving Laodicea, starting over, examining those who say they are apostles and lie. All of this is good work as long as we don't leave our first love which is the redeemer who redeemed us and forgave us.

Yes, they were not holy and they were not true, even though that was the pretense. But let's remember that Jesus has the key of David.

There is a reward for those that can keep the word of the Lord's patience.
In Ephesus they tried evil men, these false Apostles, and left their first love. (Rev 2.2-4)

Paul warned the elders in Ephesus about those who rise up, drawing the disciples away after themselves. (Acts 20.30)

The connection here is obvious. When these false apostles rise up from within, all are damaged by them. Same thing happened to us in the LC's.
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