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Default Re: How Many Are Former Members Of The Local Church

Originally Posted by aron View Post
RK told us once, point blank, "Billy Graham has done absolutely nothing to build up the Body of Christ". Then he repeated himself, "Absolutely nothing".

Assuming Witness Lee never said these things, why are these guys making this up?

During my time with the LSM church (2015), Billy Graham was much less relevant, but none the less - I could picture members of the LSM churches saying this, so I tend to believe their statements to be true. Someone in the "church" disparaged other groups, fellowship, and denominations in ALMOST every single meeting (home, lords table, etc). I wish I would have kept more than just a mental log of this. Additionally, I heard a leading brother make negative comments about a leading pastor at another local church (non-denominational). This forever stuck with me because I knew this church well - I saw how many people they brought to Christ and the HUGE impact they were making in the community. All the while the LSM church in my city sit and made surface level, memorized, chit chat about whatever topic Living Stream "Ministry" told them to discuss, brought people to know Witness Lee (rather than Jesus) and had zero impact on their neighbors. Well I should say positive impact...
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