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Default Re: How many are former members of thr local church

In the LC from January 1973 until about August 1987. Left with my wife and 2 children.

The biggest problem for us was that we were having marital problems and just going to more meetings was not a solution.

But the biggest transition for us was realizing how many ways our understanding of even common things in the Christian life and faith had been subtly altered. And some not so subtly. I eventually had to decide to take each case where my first reaction to something in Christianity was to say "whaaaaaatttttt???????" and force myself to assume that the LC teaching was wrong and then only reaccept it if I could prove it as true.

As a result, I have generally come to the conclusion that unless you have no base for faith from outside the LC, the best answer is to consider Christianity more likely correct and the LC wrong. Throw out the bathwater. And as long as you have another source for the "baby," you can presume that throwing out the baby with the bathwater is OK since what you need (the "baby") is covered elsewhere.

Where there are relationship, psychological, addiction, etc., issues, consider almost any reasonable source of help. Counselors, "recovery" programs, etc. I'm not saying to resort to Zen Buddhism, but you get the point.

For sure try to quickly get over things like:
  • sitting in pews
  • having a band leading the singing in worship
  • joining the choir (or the band) (I do both in two different types of service)
  • having communion with little separate cups (or dipping a wafer in a bowl of juice/wine) (and even calling it "communion")
  • "going to church"
  • praying for "low" things like the health of Aunt Susie or your own need of a job or reduction in back pain
  • tacking "in Jesus name" on the end of prayers
  • doing responsive readings in a meeting or reciting a creed
The list goes on an on.

Be willing to talk with the pastor or another leader about problems you are having.
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